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Give us a breakdown of what and who lucidCircus is.
lucidCircus is a group of young designers, illustrators and techheads dedicated to the furthering of digital media through the exploration of user interaction and the refinement of visual language. Though lucidCircus is a company proper, it members may or may not be full time employees and function as an underground group of individuals commiteed ot its ideals.

Name 5 things that inspire your design. What kind of music do you produce your best design work to?
We encourage play and exploration. From the beginning we have focused on personal fulfillment and quality of life. We are inspired visually by the freedom that we give ourselves, by the music we listen to, by the sights we see while commuting and the mixed up city in which we live. We are inspired technologically by the advancements in communication and interactive technology, and of course by those who take the time to push the limits of those technologies.

If you could design a major website for a movie, past or present, what movie would that be?
Smokey and the Bandit.

What do you think of design of the web in general?
It's getting better... people are starting to realize that the users visual vocabulary is more diverse than a set of fucking tabs... which should have been expected from the get go... if a bunch of beer swillin' sausage eating football fans can sit around drunk on a couch and understand complex sports statistics rendered in three dimensional full color with transparent backgrounds and blurry live action transitions, one could assume that it really isn't that far of a stretch for people to understand a unique and visually interesting web interface... now that the bean counting MBA's are failing with their half-assed ideas on how to make a quick buck I believe we will see (as we are already starting to) big companies pouring money into developing interesting visual content... after all... technology is catching up to the human need for experience... web design "in general" I imagine can't and shouldn't get any worse than it is now...

What future technologies are we looking forward to?
Broadband wireless with submersive visual realities.

How important is the year 2000 been to your life so far and what does the rest of it bring?
Well... our bank accounts didn't disappear on January 1st... which was very important to our personal and prefessional happiness for the rest of the year... yeah...

If you were submerged within an alternate reality that resembled reality in every way except it wasn't real, would you turn it off?
We'd be too busy to know...